Grant Thornton Report

We are excited to announce that our first external quarterly audit by Grant Thornton is complete. External audits from reputable third-party firms is integral and is a bid to provide unparalleled transparency for our clients. 

This engagement was undertaken in accordance with the International Standard on Related Services 4400 applicable to agreed-upon procedures engagements. A new report will be issued once gold is added or removed from the vault.

Ultimately, our mission is to guarantee the most secure, convenient and transparent gold trading experience globally. 

Grant Thornton Q3 2019 report

Pursuant to our partnership, Grant Thornton has released an audit report on the amount of gold stock held in our vault in Liechtenstein for Q3 2019. 

At the very center of course, is the reconciliation of gold stocks of Novem Gold AG. 

The Q3 2019 audit report found as follows: 

  1. Novem Gold’s amount of gold in the stock list as of September 2, 2019 conforms to the amount of gold on stock. Total amount of gold stock in vault: ​21,000 gram
  2. NNN tokens on the NewEconoLabs blockchain explorer matched the amount of tokens issued as of 2nd September 2019. Total amount of NNN tokens minted: ​2,100,000 tokens.

Grant Thornton determined that the amount of gold in our vaults tally with NNN tokens in circulation. Each gram of gold generates 100 NNN tokens.

This is an important affirmation to the integrity and transparency of our operations. 

Moving forward, Novem Gold intends to maintain this level of transparency and accuracy in providing efficient gold trading.

Similar audit reports will be published here.

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