Novem Gold is excited to announce the opening of their first Brick and Mortar gold store on September 2, 2019 at Landstraße 1, 4020 Linz, Austria. This store will offer customers a physical location to bring their gold into the Novem Gold secure ecosystem.

We are a unique gold company that will offer our customers an easier route to either store or sell their NNN tokens that are physically backed by LBMA-certified gold in Liechtenstein.

Our company has operated, from inception, on the ideals of safety and legal compliance to create a NEO token backed by real gold. To that end, there is an opening for investors to partake in this exciting journey through the purchase of NVM tokens. The first phase of our ICO is ongoing and tokens are available at a discount. Each NVM token sells for €0.55 but will rise to €0.65 in the second phase scheduled from Sep 15-20, 2019. We can assure interested investors of a beneficial and safe gold-backed token to diversify their digital asset portfolios.

The Linz store will allow anyone to actually bring in their gold for quality testing or sale. Alternatively, you can have it minted anew and store it with our storage provider in Liechtenstein. We can go a step further to tokenize the gold. This will reflect ownership in the form of digital NNN tokens. As a token owner, you can have a convenient control through our secure digital wallets.

Already, we have put up ads on windows while the interior has had a makeover to meet the store’s operation needs. This move is the culmination of over a year of hard work we have done to have both tokens ready from a technical and marketing perspective. Indeed, we have had a store in Wels Austria for a long time and it is the proof of concept that we are basing all future stores on.

The Market Potential of NNN Tokenized Gold

Gold has had a consistent safe-haven status since the earliest human civilizations. As a matter of fact, in the 1970s, the US dollar was backed by gold until the Nixon administration opted to eliminate it. Proven, gold is a finite and scarce asset unlike fiat money which technically has endless supply dependent on the whim of bankers and governments.

In modern times, it has become a consistent standard to guard against economic turmoil. This is because, in times of fiat currency uncertainty, gold has been a way for investors to store value. The scarce and precious nature of this commodity makes it well suited to play that role. As such, investors maintain gold holdings to have a backup in case of market meltdowns.

Why should you go for tokenized gold? First and foremost, it is very inconvenient and somewhat unsafe to personally store gold. Moreover, dealing with gold dealers is a tough task. This is why we have taken steps to make the purchase of gold the safest, transparent and hassle-free gold buying experience you can find.

By giving you an opportunity to tokenize gold, you can eliminate storage, transport and safety issues-and even insurance. This means that owners of NNN tokens can trade gold instantaneously, transparently and globally, an edge over dealing directly with physical gold which relies mostly on middle men and full of bureaucracy. Better still, since you retain sole ownership even in tokenized gold, you can redeem your gold at any time.

Our NEO blockchain facilitates seamless and immutable peer-to-peer gold trading. Instead of having to move physical gold, you trade tokens, which is proof of ownership of the gold. Besides, you get only a small transaction fee which is a vast upgrade from traditionally market high trade margins.  Generally, tokenized gold trading is safer and cost-efficient in comparison to holding and selling gold physically.

Novem Gold’s Position in This Market

Novem Gold was founded by two seasoned precious metals and gemstone experts with international trade experience. The primary motivation for forming this company was the prevailing trust and transparency problems in the precious metals industry. 

Our company is in the market to provide a better way for people to safely buy, sell and store gold. Novem is a new path to safe and modern digital gold ownership. The second token is the NVM utility token through which token owners can transact gold on the blockchain. 

Gold is currently on a bull run with prices going above $1,450 regularly in the past month of trading. Globally disruptive events like the USA-China trade war and Brexit fears have worsened economic outlook for 2019. In general, gold prices are on a surge towards levels reminiscent of the last global financial crisis. These events have been a motive for investors to increase gold holdings

As Andreas Kalteis the CEO of Novem Gold summarized:

“Economic uncertainty is again driving people looking for a way to store wealth that is safe and independent of the state. Conditions have led to a rise in gold and cryptocurrency prices — and created a perfect time to buy NVM.”

Therefore, given the situation, tokenized gold combines the best of both worlds. Decentralized cryptocurrency and gold both represent assets independence free from third party control. Unlike fiat currencies which central banks can print on demand, NNN tokens will have direct gold backing. This creates a convenient alternative store of wealth through uncertain economic times.

Visit our Store and Experience the Digital and Physical Merger

At Novem gold, we seek to be a trailblazer in the tokenized gold market. This store will be the first of many brick and mortar stores across Europe’s major metropolitan cities. As a gold owner, you can safely deposit “old” gold for cash or have it digitized.

If you have concerns about handing over custody of your gold, worry no more. Novem Gold assets are actually in the form of a trust by gold storage and handling experts Trisuna Lagerhaus OZL in Triesen, Liechtenstein. This means that even in the very unlikely event that we go bankrupt; you still retain 100 percent ownership of your gold. Moreover, we have regular audits to ensure the amount of gold in storage aligns with minted tokens. The exact ratio is 1 gram gold= 100 NNN tokens. Moreover, there will be quarterly audits, of which we do not know the exact dates of when those will happen, to ensure the integrity of the audit done by Grant Thornton.

We intend to fully comply with legal regulations on NNN tokens.

This is an interesting journey and we are optimistic about the direction we are headed. Hopefully, we will soon have many Novem Gold stores to actualize our dream of being the safest gold token worldwide. The stores provide gold owners with a groundbreaking opportunity to tokenize their gold and explore the convenience of blockchain gold trading.

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