There is something special about gold. Gold is mentioned in historic books, religious texts and well, every other investor talks and dreams of owning this precious yellow metal. Presently, governments, regardless of their philosophies, are understandably scrambling for gold. The US, China, and literally every other nation on earth stash gold to prop their currencies in times of global turbulence. The precious metal is associated with trust. Gold is safety. It is a store of value. And we, at Novem Gold, know what it means for retail gold owners and custodians to entrust us with their precious holdings. That is why we are excited to announce our partnership with Grant Thornton, a world-renowned audit firm. 

Grant Thornton partnership will ensure that for every minted NNN gold-backed digital token circulating in our ecosystem, there is an equivalent amount stored in our vault. From every gram of gold, 100 NNN tokens will be minted. They are already roped in, and the first report will be published this week. 

Integrity and trust matter, and are essential parts of Novem Gold’s principles. Grant Thornton will be the third-party firm ensuring that whatever we utter in regards to NNN (gold) can be corroborated and re-affirmed with objective evidence of physical gold safely tucked in our vaults in Liechtenstein. The report will be generated every quarter and made available to the public. Grant Thornton partnership, which is an authority auditing, underscores our drive toward transparency. This is because our clients are integral to our operations. So, you may ask: why Grant Thornton, and not any other audit firm?

Why Grant Thornton?

The answer lies in the details. Grant Thornton has nearly 100 years of experience and a verifiable track record in advisory, tax, and audit. Founded in 1924, they are safely steering companies along the path of disruption. They were there when the Bretton Woods accord was broken in 1971, and are still here as blockchain is disrupting operations. 

Given, change is a painful but an inevitable part of a tempered and a successful future. Therefore, setting ground rules is paramount. Their advisory comes in handy at this time. Our Grant Thornton partnership is customer-centric and representative of transparency. It is the bedrock of blockchain from where we shall roll out our operations from. Their involvement will be for perfection and trust in the grand scheme of things. Furthermore, Grant Thornton is committed to digitizing internal audit. That is why, for the first time in their 95-year history, they will be a gold partner at the “Swiss Audit Championship 2019.” 

Then again, in 2014, Grant Thornton issued practical guidelines to Kaloti Group, the largest gold refinery in Dubai, that eventually instilled confidence to a then tainted image of Dubai as a trusted gold market. Their advice saw illegal, underground trading and other sordid deals of gold decline.

What Novem Gold Stands For

We are positive that with their stellar track record, clients will have no doubt when handing over their gold to our trusted custodians at Trisuna Lagerhaus OZL in Triesen, Liechtenstein. There is even more confidence in our safety nets because even in the very unlikely event that we file for bankruptcy, you will still have full ownership of gold in our audited vaults. Note that the overarching objective of Novem Gold is to provide a better way for our clients to trade and store gold. We are motivated to modernize the process. That is why we are launching two tokens—the NNN and the NVM. The NNN is a legally compliant digital asset backed by LBMA-certified gold. The NVM is utility tokens from the NEO blockchain. We are the first company to do this, and steady on our roadmap.

Early this month, we opened the first proof-of-concept brick and mortar gold store at Landstraße 1, 4020 Linz, Austria after a year of hard work. It is the first of more than 100 stores we intend to open across Europe and the world in the near future. This rationale was simple to figure out. We needed to connect with our customers. Trust is overriding, and a physical store from where clients could connect with us without impediments or fear, and inject their assets in the secure Novem Gold ecosystem was crucial for us. But we shall be doing much more that that at these stores. Here, while a client is welcomed to trade, they can also test their gems for quality. If ready, gold can be minted anew, digitized and stored by our provider in Liechtenstein.

Obviously, digitizing gold has its advantages. First, while you will be shifting cost-of which we gladly accept, to us, it is simply safe for you to have this handled by experts with years of experience in the space. Secondly, there is flexibility as the owner of NNN tokens. Aware that there is an audit of the physical gold by a global auditor, you can transparently sell or buy more of NNN tokens anywhere, anytime, instantly and conveniently without worrying about high fees. 

Buy Novem Gold’s NVM, ICO in Progress

To be an investor, you can buy NVM tokens in our ongoing ICO. If anything, this is the right time to participate. NVM tokens are available at a discount, trading at only €0.55 till Oct 15, 2019, in the first phase of a three-stage crowdfunding process. And there are several options for purchasing NVM: Euros, SFR, BTC, ETH, NEO, and Gas are accepted. In the second stage, payment channels will be limited to NEO and GAS. 

Just to drive this home, our entire approach is based on transparency and trust. With experts conceiving the concept and actualizing, we are desirous of launching out a truly transparent platform that will change the way gold trading is done by leveraging on existing technologies. 

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