1. Announcement of Partnership with Grant Thornton

 We are thrilled to announce a partnership with Grant Thornton, a world-renowned audit firm, as our official External Auditor. 

  • Grant Thornton has a solid reputation, and will ensure that our stated standard of minting NNN tokens for every gram of gold at our vaults in Liechtenstein is accurate.
  • They will be tasked with auditing gold stock and match them against total NNN tokens in circulation.
  • Grant Thornton will release quarterly audit reports on in line with our transparency drive. The audit firm is an authority in the audit scene owing to its impeccable 96-year history. 
  • They did the first audit which will be published next week

2. Meeting with NEO Global Development in SHANGHAI

In the China tour, we met the team of NEO GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT in SHANGHAI and discussed our project. Our Novem Gold network runs on the NEO blockchain and the two entities have mutual interests in certain aspects.

  • On Sep 16, we met with NGD to evaluate these mutual interests and goals.
  • On Sep 19, we held private events in Shanghai and Beijing with individuals from the media, family offices, VC’s and some top exchanges.  

Overall, it was a very successful tour that added value to our overall goal of creating a seamless global tokenized gold marketplace. Our recent opening of the pioneer brick and mortar store is testament to the robust effort to realize this ecosystem.

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