Dear Investors, Partners, Community, Friends. 

When the Novem Gold project started, there was a pact made including everyone involved. This pact was that we will always go the safe route, do the legal thing and the right thing, never cut corners, build a utility token with a real utility, stores that give customers real benefits, and the safest gold backed token in the world.

After over a year of hard work we finally have both tokens ready, from a technical and marketing point of view, to go to market. And whilst our founders have had a store in Wels, Austria for a long time (it is the proof of concept that we are basing all future stores on):

Novem Edelmetalle Store in Wels, Austria

we are proud and happy to announce, that on September 2nd 2019, our very first Novem Gold store will open its doors at Landstraße 1, 4020 Linz, Austria. We have already put up ads on the windows, in the meantime the interior is being redone to meet our needs.

new Novem Gold store in Linz, Austria

Because the tokens are ready on the technical side and the stores are progressing, we have started the public pre-sale of our NVM token.

We are looking forward positively to where this journey will lead us, hopefully to many, many Novem Gold stores everywhere and living up to our vision of being the safest gold token in the world to become a reliable way of investing in gold for people all around the world. Thank you for your patience and we appreciate having you on our team. 

The exact dates and details can be seen in our timeline on the token page at

Best regards, 

the Novem Gold Team

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