Who is a Decentralized Precious Metals Tokenization Platform for?

Let’s take a look at four use cases of Novem Gold’s new platform:

1) Exchanges

A DeFi Exchange wants to list precious metals on their exchange but has never gotten around to it because of the complicated process involved in doing so.

They see Novem Gold has developed a DeFi protocol that cuts through all regulatory procedure and is offering B2B solutions. All that an Exchange needs to do is to select their precious metal type and amount of tokens they want issued and transfer cryptocurrency to Novem to complete.

They contact Novem Gold, speak to one of our team members and let them know which precious metal they want to tokenize and brand. Once the payment is received, the tokens are immediately deposited to the Exchange. 

After a month, all the tokens are sold out. This signifies demand for the DeFi exchange and they put in a new order for the same precious metal and, owing to the success of the former, add another precious metal type too. 

2) Crypto Funds

A Crypto Fund wants to diversify its portfolio owing to the growing demand for digital asset investments. 

Market demands show precious metals are on the rise and while the Crypto Fund has tried to secure some it has had no luck owing to the lack of infrastructure that exists. The fund has heard Novem Gold’s new protocol tokenizes and brands not only gold but other precious metals in a quick process that takes just seconds. And not only is it fast, but it’s income generating for clients which is a big leap from the “no dividend” status quo associated with precious metals investment currently. Now Crypto Funds can offer their clients a percentage of overall liquidity in the form of rewards. It also gives Crypto Funds the possibility to earn commission as with each sale of precious metals tokens the collective contribution to Novem Gold’s liquidity pool grows which in turn means a higher percentage of liquidity rewards for the Crypto Fund.

With all these advantages, the Crypto Fund jumps at the opportunity of adding lucrative precious metals tokens to their portfolio and set up a meeting with our team to request X amount of their precious metals token of choice. They are given the option to brand them in their name or integrate existing precious metal tokens on Novem Gold’s platform. 

Once the details are worked out (and there is sufficient liquidity), and Novem has received payment, the selected precious metals tokens are issued to the Crypto Fund. 

Want to issue your own precious metals tokens?

3) Blockchain Based e-Commerce Platform 

A Blockchain Based e-Commerce Platform that already has a few cryptocurrency payment options wants to add more. They want to implement an attractive new alternative currency that provides rewards to their customers in order to attract more people to the platform. 

They’ve heard Novem Gold is offering the possibility to not only add tokenized precious metals as an alternative to their existing cryptocurrencies but that they can also brand them with their platform’s name. 

As this is exactly what they were looking for, they write Novem Gold who sets up a call to work out the details. The e-Commerce Platform chooses to tokenize two precious metals: Gold and Palladium. They want to brand them and offer them to platform users to buy and use on their platform via an integrated web app/linked wallet. They select X amount of Gold tokens and X amount of Palladium tokens and transfer payment to Novem to complete the transaction. 

Now Gold and Palladium token holders will be able and incentivized to shop on the platform and existing shoppers will have the ability to purchase branded Gold and Palladium which the platform can choose to offer at a special discount to further incentivize. 

4) A Blockchain Based Social Network 

A new Blockchain based Social Network wants to offer attractive branded crypto tokens to their users to incentivize quality content posting. They want to pay their users for each ad they watch in tokens which the users can then, in turn, use to give more visibility to posts or comments in the network. They have a lot on their plate already and want to find a quick, hassle free solution for acquiring branded tokens.

As Novem Gold’s new Protocol tokenizes precious metals, including the rarer ones, in seconds and brands them too, the Social Network quickly requests X amount of branded Rhodium tokens be sent to them in time for the launch of their new initiative. There’s enough Rhodium in the liquidity pools to fulfill their request. 

Within seconds after the payment is received, Novem Gold issues the Social Network’s branded, one-of-a-kind Rhodium tokens to their wallet and is able to launch their blockchain based community rewards incentive.

Are you an Exchange, Crypto Fund, Marketplace or Social Network?

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